PCB Manufacturing

Originally the mainstay of our business, PCB (PC Board) assembly and test remains the core of the work we do.  Our business supports a full range of capabilities, ranging from low-volume, high-mix assemblies to very high volume requirements.

PCB Capabilities:

  • Multiple layer boards,
  • High density signal and power.
  • Mixed- technology boards, both SMD and thru-hole.
  • High density SMD
  • Double sided component populated boards
  • 0201 Passives
  • QFP’s to 0.3mm
  • CSP’s to 0.5m
  • High density BGA
  • Double sided mirrored BGA assembly
  • High pincount interconnects
  • Mictor Connectors
  • Fine pitch high pin count press fit connectors
  • Fine pitch interconnects

PCB Process Capabilities:

  • RoHS Lead free and Lead-Tin
  • Aqueous and no-clean
  • Ionic contamination testing
  • Multiple board finishes, HASL, Gold immersion
  • Optical and High-resolution X-ray Inspection

Winsson is 100% RoHS compliant