Corporate Values

Winsson Core Values

Winsson’s Executive Management team works to foster a Business Philosophy which seamlessly integrates our Corporate Culture, Core Competencies, and our Visions and Values. These facets underly everything we do, regardless of client, project, or initiative.

Corporate Culture

Quality First with continuous improvement to insure customer satisfaction.  Our team is dedicated to long term customer satisfaction  through World Class Quality and value driven services.

Core Competence

First-Class Management team centered on talent, innovation, and effective communication across all disciplines. We feel that our corporate success is directly tied to creative and talented employees.  By attracting and retaining the right people, we maintain a very flexible team capable of adapting to our ever changing customer requirements  in an environment of rapidly changing technologies and shortened product life cycles.

Vision and Values

To maintain high corporate ethics, social responsibility, and to drive success for both our customers and our employees.  This is achieved by adhering to high ethical standards with our customers, suppliers, partners, employees, and communities.  We maintain a safe working environment for all our employees and our neighbors.  Our vision in this regard has prompted us to invest significantly in our personnel and equipment to build ALL products to RoHS standards, and insure we adhere to all local environmental regulations.

Winsson is 100% RoHS compliant