Our Markets

Winsson is a trusted partner for leading electronics and technology companies across a wide variety of industries. Our engineering team is highly motivated, fully experienced, superbly creative in its thinking and totally dedicated to exceeding the expectations of every customer. And those qualities extend to every other area of our organization. From our top Project Managers to our personal service oriented sales expediters to our on line assembly technicians.

It takes the best people to produce the best possible results every time and we never settle for less. Neither should you.

Winsson Market Manufacturing Chart

Success Stories:

  • Our customer, who is in the security industry, had a PCB assembly which they were procuring outside of North America. Winsson’s initial quote was described by the customer as “very competitive, but not competitive enough.” Winsson took the initiative and searched for an alternative source for components and located sources for reducing the cost of the overall PCB assembly by over 25%.
  • Our customer, in the power protection industry, was able to save 20% by moving production from Mexico to Winsson. This savings included shipping product to destination via ocean freight.
  • In general, for all industries, Winsson has been able to save its customers a minimum of 15-20%, including the cost to ship product back to the U.S.
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Winsson is 100% RoHS compliant