Fulfillment & Logistics

Worldwide Manufacturing and Fulfillment

Strategic locations and global fulfillment provides the flexibility and responsiveness your business demands.

Winsson’s goal is to become a seamless link in our customer’s supply chain.  This requires our ability to manufacture to a variety of different schedule formats, and work with customers to maintain and replenish inventories at multiple locations worldwide.  We are able to achieve this through a robust ERP/MRP system, insuring a steady flow of materials through our production lines, as well as the strategic locations of our manufacturing facilities, and the considerable shipping volume emanating from all our locations.

Winsson maintains a variety of fulfillment commitments, including:

  • Kanban pulls from dedicated warehouse stockpiles.
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) Manufacturing.
  • Shipping destinations to 4 different continents.

Winsson is 100% RoHS compliant