Winsson Enterprises utilizes it’s global network of experienced personnel to attain the lowest cost and highest quality materials for manufacturing of your product.  We have a seasoned staff of professionals who have put in place supplier partnerships to maximize our leverage of cost and availability.

We offer:

  • Formal Supplier Evaluation system. Measurement metrics in quality, delivery, and service.
  • Vendor managed Inventory programs, as required.
  • Supplier base on three (3) continents.
  • RoHS compliant manufacturer for ALL components, in ALL locations.
  • A very strong financial base.

We also provide a high level of service to insure that market conditions regarding price and availability are communicated and alternatives in place for consultation with our customers.  Again, it is the philosophy of being the arm of our customer’s manufacturing capability that drives our group.

Winsson is 100% RoHS compliant